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As the co-founder of the Experience Design Academy, I’m excited to kick off the new year by showcasing our 2024 lineup of master programs, courses, and other activities.

The Experience Design Academy is the center of applied research of dedicated to User Experience in both digital and physical domains. It serves as a center for training, coaching, and applied research for companies and institutions.

So, here’s all you need to know about 2024:

Master programs

Master in User Experience Psychology

Politecnico di Milano and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore have joined forces to promote a pioneering educational program. The goal is to blend design and psychology, creating international profiles equipped to navigate a market driven by data Рthat must be leveraged for quality and value creation Рand by Artificial Intelligence Рwhich requires a more ethical and human-centered approach. The 4th edition is currently underway. Applications for the 5th edition (January 2025) are expected to open in the spring.

Executive courses

Executive Course in User Experience Design

6 weekends of full immersion using a learning-by-doing approach, providing a comprehensive understanding of principles, methodologies, and tools in the User Experience field. This part-time course is designed for professionals in the digital industry looking to update their skills, either for a career change or to enhance their job profile’s competitiveness. The course is conducted in Italian.

Executive Course in User Interface Design

Figma! Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain why, before diving deep into the next big tool the digital industry offers, you need to become a better professional in an increasingly AI-dominated world. This involves blending a creative vision with brand consistency and the ability to deliver a memorable and accessible experience. This is an ideal part-time, learning-by-doing educational experience for Graphic, Product, Web, and UI Designers looking to deepen their digital knowledge, both culturally and methodologically. The course is conducted in Italian.

Intensive courses

Figma Design

Figma, once again. Recognizing its emergence as a crucial skill for stakeholders in digital product development, we’ve organized a fully dedicated, full-immersion course. What sets it apart from the myriad courses you might have already come across is its 100% online format, time-friendly scheduling for working professionals (short duration, mostly held over weekends), instruction in Italian, and, importantly, real-time lessons. This means no pre-recorded content that risks missing the latest updates. Instead, you’ll have a dedicated teacher to answer all your questions and help you overcome any technical challenges.

Design System

As UX and UI best practices become increasingly commoditized, the gap between designers and developers is narrowing. Mastering the assessment, creation, organization, and maintenance of your company’s or client’s Design System has become a crucial skill in the digital industry. We’ve partnered with Belka, a Design Studio with strong expertise in Design Systems, to offer a tailored and engaging full-immersion experience for professionals eager to learn these skills. Following the great success of the 1st edition, we are currently planning a 2nd edition.

On demand training

We conduct UX training courses and modules as part of our partners’ offerings:

We also offer customized training paths for companies, tailored to their specific learning goals and the profiles of the employees to be trained, following an initial assessment of their needs.

  • Would you like to assess your company’s UX maturity? Contact


Last year, we collaborated with major companies in Aerospace, Automotive, and Travel sectors, helping them integrate a user-driven culture and UX best practices into their delivery processes. We coordinated junior Design specialists who were eventually hired through pilot projects, demonstrating the effectiveness of these methodologies. We’re looking forward to this year’s new challenges!

UX Talks

Professionals from product companies and design studios in an open conversation about hot design topics. Save the date for the upcoming talks (free registration):

  • Friday 1st March, 2024 – 6pm, YoRoom (Milan)
  • Friday 3rd May, 2024 – 6pm, (Milan)

All the info to attend and the final topics will be communicated on Experience Design Academy’s Instagram: follow us!

In progress…
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